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Frequently asked questions

What is an advent?

Although it has its roots in the Catholic religion, advent has become a tradition where children would get chocolate for 4 weeks, one a day, from December 1st to December 24th. Here we adapt it to programming challenges.

Is this an original idea?

Since 2015, the Advent Of Code celebration brings programming challenges every day. In this case, the challenges are thought to be solved with JavaScript/TypeScript.

How is the score of each challenge calculated?

Challenges are scored using different factors such as cognitive complexity and execution speed. The number of lines is not a determining factor.

Can I try several solutions to score higher?

You can send as many solutions as you want. Your best score will be saved.

I failed a secret test. Why aren't they public?

Secret tests are designed so they cannot be solved with a solution that only passes the tests. If you fail a secret test, it is because your solution is not valid for the problem posed in all cases.

Where can I find the source code?

The source code is not available

Is it free?

Yes, playing AdventJS is completely free. From December 1st to December 24th, you will have a new challenge available.

How can I support the project? How can I contribute?

If you want to help us, share the project on social media and with your friends so more people participate. Help in Discord people who have problems solving the challenges. Participate in Twitch live on the midudev channel.

Why have I lost points or no longer have a score on a challenge?

Solutions to challenges that are based on returning the results of the tests to pass, will be deleted if detected. Your solution must be a valid solution to the problem posed, not just to pass the tests.

Everytime I run the tests, a different secret test is failing. Why?

Secret tests are run in a random order so it is possible that every time you run the tests, they are run in a different order.