Santa Claus has new electric sleighs but he must control the electricity consumption because he only has a 20W battery.

We are given an array of sleighs, from worst to best, with their respective consumptions. Each sleigh is an object with two properties: name and consumption.

The consumption field is a number that represents the amount of watts (W) that consumes the sleigh for each distance unit. The name field is a string that represents the sleigh name.

Create a program that returns the name of the best sleigh available that allows us to cover the distance.

const distance = 30
const sleighs = [
  { name: "Gorusuke", consumption: 0.3 },
  { name: "Madeval", consumption: 0.5 },
  { name: "Lolivier", consumption: 0.7 },
  { name: "Hyuuh", consumption: 1 }

selectSleigh(distance, sleighs) // => "Madeval"

// Gorusuke consumes 9W to cover 30 distance
// Madeval consumes 15W to cover 30 distance
// Lolivier consumes 21W to cover 30 distance
// Hyuuh consumes 30W to cover 30 distance

// The best sleigh to cover the distance is Madeval.

// Gorusuke covers the distance but it's a worse sleigh
// Lolivier and Hyuuh can't cover the distance with 20W.

Remember that:

  • The battery is always 20W.
  • The list of sleighs is ordered from worst to best sleigh.
  • You have to return the name of the best sleigh that allows us to cover the distance with the watts we have available.
  • If no sleigh can be used, then return null.