The elves bought a gift-wrapping machine this year. But it's not programmed! We need to create an algorithm that helps it in the task.

The machine receives an array of gifts. Each gift is a string. We need the machine to wrap each gift in wrapping paper and place it in an array of wrapped gifts.

The wrapping paper is the * symbol, and in order to wrap a gift, you need to place it surrounding the string. For example:

const gifts = ['cat', 'game', 'socks']
const wrapped = wrapping(gifts)

/* [
] */

As you can see, the wrapping paper wraps the string. On top and bottom, so as not to leave any gaps, the corners are also covered with wrapping paper.

Note: The \n represents a line break.

Watch out! Make sure you put the right number of * symbols to wrap completely the string. But not too many! Just enough to cover the string.

Ah, and do not mutate the original array!